Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This summer, instead of taking the usual break from school stuff,
I decided to work my tail off apparently.
So in the midst of my Children's Literature Class (which I absolutely love) we get on the subject of bullying in schools. Relevant topic to a class of future teachers and a good discussion until my Professor pops out with "my faith in human nature was restored". It's not like I haven't heard people say this before, but this time it caught my attention. My professor goes to church, she know the Bible, yet somewhere along the way she came to the conclusion that human nature is basically good. That people do want to do good things, everyone's heart is good.
My question would be, how, as a person who believes in the Bible think that man has a good nature, when scripture clearly says that man is born sinful.
The more "education" I receive from institutes of "higher learning" the more I seem the realize what a great hold satan has on the education system. Sometimes I feel like the whole goal of schooling is to get you to realize that you have no right to judge and that people are good and will find their way to heaven or utopia, or paradise, whichever. Sometime I even feel like I should back down on what I believe because according to my professors, it is a harsh cold belief.
But then....
then I read God's word. Paul, how amazing is he, states it clearly- believe and live for God or go to Hell. I think that, if nothing else, college has given me more audacity to believe what I know to be true. The more I see the plot of satan to water down everything, the more concentrated on the truth of the gospel I want to be.
This watering down of the gospel has been a great plan, because people can feel like they are living for God, but not offending anyone who doesn't believe in God at the same time.
Until now, its been a genius plan.
Until now,
I believe that satan is about and currently is encountering a generation that does not settle for the watered down version of things. It's all or nothing. I think that people in my generation see through the ploys and tricks. And they want no part of it. They will either go full force or none at all.
And although I sit under professors that teach tolerance, I feel like the students see through it.
They know that it's one way of another.
So while this tool from satan has worked before........ I believe he's going to have to get creative again

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here we go,
attempt numero dos
blogging begins again