Thursday, April 28, 2011

uhh.. hmm

Sometimes you ask for things...
and then when it appears you've gotten them
you have no idea what to do with them

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seasons, times and blurrs

Apparently i'm spastic.. if you notice my blog
just a side note

So somehow life has gotten crazy hectic. In a completely amazing incredible way.
It's like we went from doing NOTHING to have nights like tonight where I fed no less than
11 people... after I invited 3 over
but I wouldn't change it for anything
All that time be taken away from friends and places has led me to a place
where I appreciate people more
It's like I want to grasp on to people and learn all that I can from you
while you're still here
because in the life we live, especially my friends,
you never know what next month will bring
they move where the spirit tells them to
whether that's houses or countries
and it's amazing

I love being surrounded by people that are so reliant upon God
their next meal must come from Him
that don't worry about not having rent money a week out
because God always provides in time
they go where He goes and He takes care of them

It's funny
because the group of friends I have are so completely random
none of us have anything in common
except that we love the Lord
and do what He says
our backgrounds, hobbies, interests and personalities are scattered
we all think each other is crazy
but the simple fact that we love God more than anything binds us together
I love them so much, it's funny

It's been little more than 4 months since I moved to KC
but it feels like a lifetime
an amazingly great lifetime
but things are changing
I feel that shift in my again
like something's coming
i'm on the edge of a cliff again
I dont think it will involve me moving again
I love this place
but whatever it is
I think it changes things
for the past month I've been feeling this feeling
it's like i'm at the top of a hill on a roller coaster
and yanno how they always stop for a just a moment
before you plummet to the bottom of the hill
I feel like i'm in that moment
waiting on the drop
it's scary
but soooo fun
you know it's worth it
but you still get nervous while you wait
but i have no idea what's beyond this hill
no idea what i'm about to crash into

and as I feel this I have friends that draw me prophetic drawing that say i'm in a new season
i'm so ready for a new season
I trust the Lord knows my hearts
and loves me too much to hurt me
I feel prepared
whatever that means
I feel almost giddy at what's coming
although I haven't a clue what it is
I feel like He's been preparing my structure
my root system
my veins
the part of me that receives life from Him
for what's coming

why that seems sooo important I dont' know
but it does
so i'll wait
for the rollercoaster to move again
and August to come
and keep drinking life from Him
all the while drunk on His love
because He's soo sooo good to me