Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow, Kids and Lessons learned

I figured I should write something,
so here goes nothing... (which doesn't really make any sense...but)

So apparently KC decided to try to break records and have blizzards now that I live here
I've never seen so much snow at one time, in my entire life
I'm from Tennessee, we stay at home when it snows
we DO NOT go to work, or school, or to the store
and as much as I dread more snow coming this week,
I have to admit

I love watching it fall
there's a wonder to it
seeing how clean it is
how unique every flake is
and how everything gets so silent while snow falls
it's like the Lord uses it to slow us down
to take some extra time with us
to catch us up in the wonder of who He is and what He did for us

It's impossible for me to see snow and not think of it in comparison to my sin
It's that white
it looks like the freshly fallen snow
that's been undisturbed by life

it sparkles with cleanness

and even though it gives me a headache to drive in it
the squirrels in my backyard love it
they jump and play
they hide down in it
the squirrels go nuts (hahaha) when it snows
we sit and watch them play
and while they play i'm reminded that
the joy those squirrels have with snow

is the joy God wants us to have with what He has done to our sin
He wants us to run, jump and play in it's purity
and although that may not make any sense to anyone but me
it encourages me
and makes me sit in awe of God while it snows

in other news...
I only have 2 kids in my class at work
2 little girls that only act up when they're sleepy
and I get bored
but I know the Lord gave me the job
so I know He will use it to teach me
and today as I was sitting in the rocking chair
holding one of them that woke up from nap early
and then fell back asleep in my arms
He reminded me that Jesus just loves to hold us
It's quite possible that there's no more peaceful moment
than when you're holding a sleeping child,
snuggled up in your arms

In that moment,
that child trusts you with everything

they're willing to sleep while your arms are around them
When we allow ourselves to be held in His arms
and allow ourselves to be at perfect peace there
and rest
We show how much we love Him
and how much we trust Him
and He loves it
as much as we love to be held
and to allow His strong arms to wrap around us
He loves it more
He loves to see our face
To see that we are at perfect peace with Him
To know we trust Him with everything

It's an act I didn't really understand the value of until recently
when nothing else soothes you
Run to His arms
and let your Abba hold you
and sing over you
"and the things of earth will grow strangely dim..."

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